Scuba Diving in Rangiroa With Rangiroa Plongee

Come find out why Rangiroa is a top scuba diving destination in the French Polynesians

turtle rangiroaScuba diving is one of the top tourism industries in Rangiroa. Rangiroa itself is an atoll which is located approximately 350 kms from Tahiti in the French Polynesian Islands. Boasting some of the best scuba diving in the world, Rangiroa is sure to satisfy the avid divers thirst and desire for big marine life. This area is well known for its abundance of sharks, rays, dolphins and other reef life. Rangiroa is one of the only places in the world where you will be able to dive with dolphins.

Rangiroa Plongee is a dive shop in Rangiroa which was established in 2008 and has been providing top notch scuba diving experiences to each and every one of our customers since.  Rangiroa Plongee is dedicated to providing our diving customers the best possible customer service, diving experience and personal attention that is possible while maintaining the respect that our ocean environment deserves. We have been happily supporting different ocean conservation projects since we began operating our dive shop and will continue supporting these worthwhile causes.

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Dive In Small Groups

For your comfort and safety we offer diving in very small, personalized groups. These small groups are perfect for:

  • Couples wanting to dive together
  • People who are less experienced who do not want to “hold back” their group
  • Photographers who are wishing to stay away from groups

Let Us Guide You

Our dive professionals will lead all dives, supervise all divers and offer you the safest diving conditions possible at all times. We take pride in allowing you to dive according to your wishes and your skill level with the only limit being your own skills, air consumption and decompression tables.


Rangiroa Plongee is an Ambassador diving center of Longitude 181 Charter. We also support Sea Shepherd, an organization which mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

The Diving

Diving Tiputa and Avatoru Pass

Rangiroa’s lagoon is what brings divers from around the world to this small atoll in the middle of the Pacific. The fantastic visibility and the shear volume and density of marine life is astounding. On the outgoing tide, diving is done on the ocean side of the reef. When the tide is coming into the lagoon is when drift dives are performed with the current. This tends to be our customers favorite option. The marine life that you may encounter is very impressive. There are manta rays, eagle rays, turtles, moray eels, schools of barracuda, grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, the occasional great hammerhead and even the silky shark can be witnessed on occasion.

The Big Blue to Tiputa Pass

When the tide is going out another one of our favorite dives to do is the steep oceanic drop-offs where there is much less current. There are sedentary dolphins which frequent this area and encounters with these animals are regular occurrences. There are also several different species of rays and turtles which can be found in these dive sites along with countless fish.

Diving Nohi Nohi Motu

Lagoon dive (10-30 feet). If you are looking for the perfect place to learn to dive the lagoon is the spot. With locations where the depth doesn’t go beyond 30 feet this is a great place for an introduction to scuba. This dive site is full of colorful reef fish. Divers can also witness blacktip sharks which can be found resting on the sand while eagle rays pass by. If you have a spouse who may be a little nervous about trying out diving this is a very welcoming place for their first experience.

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About Rangiroa

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Rangiroa is an atoll which is located approximately 355 kms north east of Tahiti. It is the largest atoll in the Tuamotus and one of the largest in the world. Home to over 400 islets, motus, and sandbars, the atoll has a land mass of approximately 170 square kms, Rangiroa is home to approximately 2473 inhabitants (as of 2007). The atoll which measures from 300-500 meters wide, has a circumference of around 200 kms. There are several small inlets and outlets into the Pacific Ocean from within the lagoon which covers 1446 square kms. Some of these such as the Tiputa Pass are some of the best scuba diving locations on the planet. The lagoon in the middle of the atoll is so large that it has it’s own horizon in some locations. It is also a fairly shallow lagoon (35m in the deepest location) which makes it perfect for scuba diving and also home to one of the areas booming industries, pearl farming.


The climate in Rangiroa is fantastic. The sun shines practically all year round in the area. Temperatures generally tend to stay between 77 degrees  as a low and 95 degrees as a high. If you look at the climate chart data enough you will see that the months of November through to February seem to be a bit more rainy and that there are tradewinds which blow from July through to September. In general, the weather doesn’t play a huge role in availability of diving.