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A Scuba Diver’s Guide To Overcoming Seasickness

A Scuba Diver’s Guide To Overcoming Seasickness Being seasick has got to be one of the most miserable, unpleasant feelings imaginable; and unfortunately, it’s a condition that most divers will experience at least once. For some, seasickness is such a regular occurrence that it seriously impacts upon their enjoyment of diving- after all, there’s nothing [...]

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Should Surface Buoy Markers Be Mandatory Equipment?

DSMBs- Essential Safety Equipment? Several years ago whilst diving in the temperamental waters off South Africa’s east coast, I had the terrifying experience of becoming lost at sea. In the area where we were diving, it is local law for divers to dive with a buoy line or an SMB- a surface marker buoy that [...]

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Five Tips For Aspiring Underwater Photographers

Five Tips For Aspiring Underwater Photographers Post originally found at ScubaDiveDestinations.com The advent of affordable compact digital cameras and housings means that underwater photography is no longer the exclusive remit of experienced professional photographers. It is now a realistic and accessible pastime for members of the general diving public, and with a little practice there’s [...]

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Techniques and Tips for Mastering Mask Clearing

Techniques and Tips for Mastering Mask Clearing From ScubaDiveDestinations.comBoth as a student and as an instructor, I have firsthand experience of the difficulties caused by mask clearing skills. As a student, I experienced a sudden, gripping claustrophobia upon flooding my mask for the first time, which triggered blind panic and caused me to rapidly bolt for [...]

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Video of Hammerhead Shark in Rangiroa

Check out this fantastic video of a hammerhead that was filmed right here in beautiful Rangiroa while diving with Rangiroa Plongee. Thanks again to our fantastic customers for sharing their photos and videos with us! This one came from Mathieu Scorbiac. Check out this fantastic video.

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Hammerhead Shark in Rangioa

A Great Experience Diving with a hammerhead shark in Rangiroa with Rangiroa Plongee Check out this fantastic video that was sent to us from a customer who had an incredible experience diving with this great hammerhead shark here in the beautiful, sunny paradise called Rangiroa!  

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Shark Diving and More in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

RANGIROA, FRENCH POLYNESIA Article originally found at ScubaDiveDestinations.com All photos on this page shared with us by one of our customers Yann Hubert.  For most divers, one of the biggest thrills of the sport is encountering the creatures that we share the underwater world with. Many of the scuba destinations on this site are dedicated to [...]

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Another Great Morning At Tiputa Pass

It was another great morning diving in Rangiroa. This morning we started our dive at about 8:20 in the Tiputa Pass with an outgoing current. The water temperatures were just about perfect, as they normally are here in Rangiroa, at 28 degrees. Greeting us on our dive this morning were around 50 grey reef sharks. [...]

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Rangiroa from 2012!

The other day I was lucky enough to get contact by Phillipe Raimond who had been diving with us in 2012. Phillipe had great things to say about the diving and sent in some of his favorite photos that he was able to capture during his dives with us. Phillipe was also lucky enough to [...]

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Rangiroa More Than Just Sharks

The main reason most people go scuba diving in Rangiroa is to see the big marine life which frequents the area. Sharks, mantas, dolphins, these type of things. There is, however, a whole lot more which can be found while scuba diving at our sleepy little atoll. I am going to post 4 photos. Can [...]

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