Diving is fantastic on any given day in Rangiroa, but there is something about dolphin encounters that make the day go from great to fantastic!

This afternoon while diving we were fortunate enough to witness 3 bottlenose dolphins. For those of you who aren’t aware, the dolphins which are found in Rangiroa are sedentary dolphins and aren’t against human interaction. This is very unique for dolphins in the wild to act this way towards humans and is one of the most compelling reasons for you to come and dive in Rangiroa.

Our dolphins tend to follow us and stay with us for large portions of our dives. They often come within arms reach almost inviting us to play with them.

In other news, scuba diving in Rangiroa is still amazing. Our water temperatures have been hovering around 28 degrees and visibility as always has been fantastic. In the past few days we have seen some large groups of sharks. White fins, black tips, leopard sharks, nurse sharks, and on Monday afternoon we were joined by more than 100 gray reef sharks.

When are you coming back to do some scuba diving in Rangiroa?